Welcome to Absolute Overland!

Absolute Overland. A place where I absolutely do not overland! Wait, what? Absolute Overland, but I don’t do any Overlanding? Let me explain. When I was first looking to start a blog to document my camping trips, general outdoorsy stuff, and related projects, I had one heck of a time coming up with a catchy name that wasn’t attached to something else and had a domain name available. Enter Absolute Overland. Now, while I currently don’t do any real Overlanding, I do partake in many camping trips, and in the future hope to be able to adjust into a lifestyle that will allow for more extended period trips. Of course, Overlanding doesn’t have a technical definition, and some may consider week-long trips in a truck to be Overlanding. Some may not, and I’m personally on the fence with it. I’m not an overlander, but I aspire to be.

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