One Small Truck, And Too Much Gear!

Trailer Series part 1: The Idea

What does one do when they have too much gear and not enough space? Well, this was a question I had to ask myself after last year’s various camping trips. Wanting to get more into longer distance, and length, trips I decided something had to be done and I had a few options to explore. The ranger on its own just won’t cut it for the longer trips.

The trusty Ranger.

So the options, what are they, and what was my thought process? Currently, I have a sleeping platform in the back of my truck with a little (emphasis on little) bit of storage underneath and along the side. Granted it’s a 6-foot long bed, it’s still a Ranger so it’s narrower than a full-size would be. This setup works fantastic for short trips like weekends but leaves something to be desired for longer ones.

the current setup in the Ranger.

The first idea that sprang to mind was an easy one, simply slap a rooftop tent onto the truck for sleeping, and have the entire truck bed for storage. This option would provide plenty of storage room and it would give me much more room for sleeping or being stuck inside during bad weather. Seemed like a no brainer to go this route however one thing held me back. Mobility.

When I’m out camping, or travelling for a week plus I like to be able to simply hop into the captain’s seat and take off to go on a hike, drive a trail, go to that sweet fishing spot, etc. Having a rooftop tent setup wouldn’t be incredibly difficult to take down and set up every time I wanted to drive, but it just seemed like more hassle than I was looking for.

With mobility in mind my next idea was a trailer. And if you read the title I’m sure you have realized this is the route I decided to go. This decision opened a whole new can of worms, however.

What style of trailer? Buy used or new? Build it myself? Basic or full-featured? So many more options opened up once I dove into the world of Overlanding trailers. After browsing multiple forums, websites, and YouTube videos I decided to go the home built, simple, multi-purpose utility trailer route.

I chose to build a basic utility trailer, myself, that I could use to simply haul all my gear. This would open up the option to build a wider, lower sleeping platform in the back of the truck for more living space. Also being a basic utility trailer with no fancy drawers or compartments gives me the option to use it for other things as well.

The idea was a super basic 4’x6′ trailer with approx. 2′ tall sides, and a lid. With that idea in mind I started purchasing parts on sale when I could, began designing on paper, and then I got to work. In the next part of this series I will be going over parts, setup, and why I chose to do things the way I did.

Stay tuned for future posts in this series!

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